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Hsing I Chuan or Xing Yi Quan literally means form and mind boxing. Hsing I is one of the kung fu styles among the three major internal kung fu styles of Chinese martial arts

The two most important sections in Hsing I Chuan is Five Elements and the Ten Animals. Shan Xi and He Bei form the two sections of the Five elements. The Ten Animals system of hing i chuan was founded on 10 animals which are Tiger, Eagle, Snake, Dragon, Bear, Monkey, Hawk, Horse, Swallow & Chicken.

Please view our Hsing I videos online. There are many instructional videos from which you can learn hsing I chuan.


Hsing I Chuan: Videos -

Hsing I forms - Five Element fist Hsing I forms - Five Element fist
Video Views: 13113
Five Elements Fist
A hsing i chuan practitioner demonstrates the five elements form which is among the fundamentals of hsing i chuan. Practicing this will increases the power and quickness of attacks
Hsing-I Animal Kung Fu Applications Hsing-I Animal Kung Fu Applications
Video Views: 12105
Hsing-I Fighting Application of Animal Techniques
Hsing-I Animal Kung Fu Applications. Very quick fighting methods of Hsing-I animal system. This instructional video helps you to learn Animal Kung Fu Applications of Hsing I, online
Tien Gunn Fighting Techniques Tien Gunn Fighting Techniques
Video Views: 13304
Tien Gunn Fighting Techniques is present in both Baguazhang and Xingyi Quan Kung fu., This helps the Tien Gunn practitioner develop whole body integration. Tien Gunn helps the cultivation of internal energy.
The meaning of Tien Gunn is "Celestia ...
Hsing I Chuan by Master Shouyu Liang Hsing I Chuan by Master Shouyu Liang
Video Views: 11774
Hsing I Chuan performed by Master Shouyu Liang. Contains some sample instructive xing yi videos
Xing Yi Quan applications by Sifu James McNeil Xing Yi Quan applications by Sifu James McNeil
Video Views: 12052
Xing Yi Quan applications being demonstrated by Master James McNeil. This is extracted from his video series.
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