Eagle Claw Kung fu

Eagle Claw - Ying Zhao Pai - Eagle Claw Kung fu

Eagle claw Kung fu which is also know as Ying Zhao Pai famous for its fearsome offensive movements. The origin of eagle claw can be traced back to centuries during the time of Sung Dynasty. It was believed that Ying Zhao Pai was founded by General Yue Fei.

Ying Zhao Pai comes under Northern kung fu styles. Eagle claw Kung fu is considered as one of the main animal Kung fu styles. Ying Zhao Pai comes under external kung fu systems due to its nature of training and techniques. Eagle claw Kung fu system emphasis on conditioning all parts and body especially the fingers.

Eagle claw Kung fu is famous for its quick, agile and flexible movements. The techniques of Eagle claw Kung fu mainly consist of striking, kicking, grabbing, choking, dislocating muscles and joints, pressure points attacks, etc

The Traditional Eagle Claw consists of three basic forms. They are : Lin quan, Xing quan, and 108 Chin Na Locks.

Ying Zhao Pai have undergone much changes after it was researched and enhanced by shaolin monks.

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